Huckleberry Gummies

● Full-spectrum CBD extract
● Sourced from natural hemp
● Solventless extract
● Non-GMO, natural
● 300mg per bottle
● Below 0.3% THC content
● Free from herbicides and pesticides
● Lab report available (to test for potency and quality)


Potion99’s huckleberry infused CBD gummies allow you to experience the multitude of effects full spectrum CBD has to offer along with huckleberry’s fruity flavor with the perfect texture and taste. Potion99 prides itself on using the highest quality 100% natural Hemp flowers to give you the best of everything CBD and its terpenes have to offer you.


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Huckleberry Gummies

CBD Gummies
● 25mg vegan CBD gummies (each).
Over the past few years, CBD edibles have become the forefront of wellness, but with good reason. Not only do you get to seize the wellness benefits of CBD, but you also have no reason to sacrifice taste. But not everyone can give you vegan gummies.
Potion99 is a company made with our consumers in mind as we handcraft each product. We go the extra mile to give you the highest quality CBD product, and that includes producing vegan-friendly products so that you do not have to feel guilty to keep yourself healthy.
Our use of state-of-the-art extraction techniques brings you solvent-less CBD rosin oil from locally sourced hemp flowers. As a full-spectrum extract, the CBD in our products interacts with the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) to give the full benefit of CBD.
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Are you thinking of starting your CBD journey? You can start with our CBD Gummies. Please browse through our online CBD gummies assortment and buy one today. Buying these edibles means that you are getting a formulated CBD product that has guaranteed quality. But wait! You can now avail of these products at a discounted price too!
We take pride in swearing by quality by using the most natural and rich ingredients and affordability.
At Potion99, we deal with products that get made using high-quality whole plant matter and the best ingredients. .

CBD Rosin Oil, MCT oil,
Eat one or two gummies per day. Adjust the dosage if necessary. Huckleberry Gummies

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