At Potion99, we pride ourselves in giving you high-quality CBD.

Who and what is Potion99?

CBD Products – Do you want the highest quality of CBD in your products? Are you looking to buy CBD tinctures, edibles, topicals, and the multitude of products that CBD has to give?

Potion99, an operation under OraVie Inc., brings you the highest quality of CBD, but not just any kind.

Potion99 brings you CBD extracted through a solventless extraction process, giving you the richest form of CBD in all the CBD products you look to buy.

Each of our CBD is made with the greatest attention to quality and enhanced with high terpene content.

However, more than anything, Potion99 is a company that brings you products devoid of any THC.

Potion99 looks to ensure you get the multitude of CBD product available, from the tinctures to the topicals to the edibles and even to CBD Hemp flowers and Pre-rolls.

Above all, you get to enjoy the entourage effect CBD with its rich terpene profile has to offer in every single CBD product you buy.

Potion99 gives you Premium CBD products at affordable prices.

Potion99’s Mission Statement:

Our mission is to bring every person the goodness that solventless CBD offers with its array of terpenes and high CBD concentration.

Above all, potion99 looks to get you CBD infused in products that you are already well accustomed to. We aim in helping you incorporating CBD into your lifestyle, all without any of the psychoactive effects THC offer.

Featured Services

Free Shipping

Free Shipping

Worried about shipping? Potion99 offers you free shipping for all your purchases above $69.99 all over the United States! Better yet, we ensure that you get your order within 3 days anywhere in the United States
24/7 Support

24/7 Support

While Potion99 strives to make your experiences as pleasant and to prevent any issues, you might have questions that you need personalized support. Since we completely understand that, we have a 24/7 support service to ensure that your concerns are taken care of as much as possible.
Payment Process

Payment Process

Potion99 recognizes that with a great product like CBD comes the great responsibility to ease and secure your purchasing experience. Every payment and purchase of yours is secure. So you can purchase CBD products and treat yourself to the goodness of full-spectrum solventless CBD void of worry.

Potion99 is also a Wholesaler:

As we are an in-house company that develops our products in a CBD licensed lab, and we have our own extraction center, we are open to large orders too! Potion99 is open to supply wholesale buyers and support their endeavors through this growing CBD market. We also provide white labeling. We look to give the best product at the best price.
Please contact us for minimum order requirements and prices. Note that refund policies vary for large order quantities, and special holiday discounts do not qualify for any refund, but we do offer store credit.