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Worried about shipping? Potion99 offers you free shipping for all your purchases above $69.99 all over the United States! Better yet, we ensure that you get your order within 3 days anywhere in the United States.

Choices Overload

Do you like a specific flavor? A particular CBD concentration you prefer? Potion99 brings you variety in the flavors and CBD concentrations in all our products. And this includes our CBD Hemp Flowers through the array of strains we offer.

Solventless CBD

Potion99 brings you products with pure CBD extracts with a high terpene profile void of any solvents like ethanol and carbon dioxide. Not even in a few parts in a million. So you can now enjoy the benefits of pure and natural full-spectrum CBD.

Our Best CBD Products

best CBD products
best CBD products
best CBD products

Why buy from Potion99?

Best CBD products

  • Solventless Quality

Best CBD Products – Potion99 aims for quality in every product and does not compromise in the least. From using 100% natural, non-GMO CBD Hemp flowers with near to none THC concentrations to the solventless processes so, all our CBD products are the pinnacle of quality. So you get the best of all worlds – high concentrated best CBD products without any of the psycho-activeness.

  • Convenience at its best!

As you buy a CBD product, you might want to know precisely what you are getting in your product. To make things easy, Potion99 provides you with lab reports from 3rd party labs, ensuring that you get to know the quality of CBD in the product you are buying. Be it from the tinctures, edibles, topicals, or even the CBD Hemp flowers and Pre-rolls, you are always provided with the information you might want.

After checking all this information, it is time to buy you CBD tincture, edible, or whatever product you like. and to ensure that you receive your products on time with the utmost ease, Potion99 offers you fast and free delivery*.

Best CBD Products Online From Potion99

So you can get the best quality CBD products with utmost ease and security.

We sell dependable and high-quality CBD products


From our tinctures to salves and edibles, every single product is carefully handcrafted with careful attention to quality. Made in the safest and cleanest environments, we create these products with our customers in mind.


Potion99 takes pride in taking extra care in bringing you the most natural and rich CBD available. All our CBD flowers used in the extraction and sold in its natural, raw state are all naturally grown, bringing you the best product available.

Array of Flavors

Do you want to savor the freshness of strawberries, all with the goodness tinctures? Or do you want the particular herbal and sweet flavor AK has? Don’t worry, we have you covered. With an array of flavors in all our Tinctures, Gummies, and even CBD Hemp Flowers, you can get the flavor you want.

best CBD products

100% Made in the USA

From the CBD Hemp flowers used to the tinctures, topicals, and edibles, every Potion99’s products are made in the USA. This includes the solventless extraction of CBD to the intricate crafting of all the products you look forward to using.

3rd Part Laboratory Tested

All our products are thoroughly lab tested through a 3rd party lab, ensuring that you always get the best products void of THC. And you can always get to take a look at this report that is added along with the product description.

100% Non-Psychoactive

Potion99 swears by giving you the non-psychoactive products you are looking for. All products have THC levels well below the 0.3% federal level recommended. So Potion99’s nearly non-existent THC levels now give you 100% non-psychoactive products.